All You Need to Know About Di Fara, 2009

This post originally appeared in July 2009 on when it was part of Serious Eats. It was scrubbed from SE in 2021. I’ve salvaged what I could of this post from the Wayback Machine and present it here.

Where to eat pizza outdoors in NYC

I usually hate when publications peg their content to things that happen every year at a given time (Memorial Day grilling articles are the worst), but I was thinking about a couple recent trips to L&B Spumoni Gardens and what a magical place it is at dusk on a not-too-hot summer night. So, voilà, SUMMER JAMS, PIZZA EDITION!

Hello, Di Fara. It’s been a while…

In which yours truly visits Di Fara after many months, if not years, and discovers they are doing a handful of things differently—including an efficient system for ordering.

Luigi’s Pizza, Park Slope

I’ve never seen it, but I’ve heard that second-generation owner Gio Lonzo has devoted the entire next-door storefront to a series of refrigerators all set to different temperatures, which house the dough at different stages of its fermentation.