You Can’t Not: L’Industrie’s burrata slice

L’Industrie’s burrata slice is the essential item if you’re looking to impress your Instagram followers.

This was my first time trying Massimo Laveglia’s now-famous burrata slice at L’Industrie, which has been blowing up Pizza Instagram here in NYC.

Laveglia takes one of his fantastic slices, which need little embellishment as they are, and plops a nice dollop of the creamy cheese cold on top. You can’t not get it.

While I was there, Massimo’s pizza maker, Nick Baglivo, offered this description of Laveglia’s pizza style: “It’s like if you had an Italian guy who was raised in New York but spent summers visiting family in Italy.”

If you haven’t been to L’Industrie, get there!

L’Industrie Pizza: 254 South 2nd Street, Brooklyn NY 11211; 718-599-0002