Luigi’s Pizza, Park Slope

Luigi's Pizza plain slice
Luigi’s simple looking slice belies the considerable skill that goes into making it.

Luigi’s Pizza in Park Slope is an old-school place (est. 1973) with a serious dough-management strategy.

I’ve never seen it, but Scott Wiener, of Scott’s Pizza Tours, tells me that second-generation owner Gio Lonzo (Luigi’s son, who now runs the place) has devoted the entire next-door storefront to a series of refrigerators all set to different temperatures, which house the dough at different stages of its fermentation. (How can he afford this space? The Lonzos own the building.)

Luigi's Pizza interior
Luigi’s is a neighborhood favorite and almost always busy.

It makes for a fantastic plain slice with tons of flavor. Worth seeking out not only for the pizza but for the hospitality Gio and crew radiate—and for the authentic 1970s pizzeria vibe.

This slice comes from a Brooklyn slice crawl I did with Scott and Serious Eats founder Ed Levine, as part of a larger citywide fact-finding mission.

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Luigi’s Pizza: 686 5th Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11215; 718-499-3857