I feel a deep connection to Roll-N-Roaster and its whole thing

I know you think this blog should probably be all about pizza, and why am I writing about a roast beef place? But Roll-N-Roaster is one of my favorite places in NYC. I don’t have the history with it that a lot of native Brooklynites do, but something about its way of being—its aesthetic, its vibe, its menu—speaks to me on a deep level, and certain aspects of it creep into my mind when I think about what an eventual Margot’s Pizza would look like, how it would feel, and even whether there would be some sort of birthday wheel element.

Speaking of the Birthday Wheel, the last time I went was back in March, when I did a solo visit in the late evening and won $15 in RNR coins on the spin-and-win wheel. Inflation means they only lose value sitting in a drawer, so my wife and I paid a visit yesterday while Margot was on a play date at a friend’s.

This is almost everything we ordered. Not pictured: clam chowder and the free plain pizza we got for having ordered at least $35 in food.

We ordered two roast beefs (mine with “cheez”), apple pie (my wife’s à la mode), onion rings, corn nuggets, cheez fries, and clam chowder (not pictured). Since we spent more than $35, we got one of their thin-crust pizzas free.

This visit I learned that my wife is the kind of person who orders chocolate ice cream on her apple pie. (When I posted this to Instagram, it actually turned out to be a game-changer for a few people.)

My ordering game was a bit off, and I went for a Diet Coke rather than my usual lemonade—hey, I needed some caffeine 🤷🏻‍♂️ (If I weren’t going nuts, my ideal order would be RB cheez, apple pie, lemonade).

Ah! Does this satisfy your need for pizza content? If you order $35 or more at R-N-R, you get a free thin-crust plain pizza. It’s not terrible, but it’s not the roast beef.

Still feeling full this morning. And I probably won’t go again until March to see if I can beat $15 on the birthday wheel. Until next post, hasta! 

Roll-N-Roaster: 2901 Emmons Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11235; 718-769-6000