Zazas Pizzeria: excellent NY-style in Chicago

I’ll admit it—I wasn’t keen on visiting Zazas Pizzeria on this trip. It’s New York–style, which I can get back home simply by crossing the street, and I was on a Chicago thin crust fact-finding mission while on my May 2023 pizza trip to the region. But three factors put me there: I’ve been semi-jokingly … Read more

A tavern-style pizza with sausage and giardiniera.

Crust Fund Pizza Make & Bake with John Carruthers

It was Tuesday evening on my epic May 2023 pizza trip and I was making my way up a Chicago alley whose location I won’t disclose here. I was heading to John Carruthers’ house to pick up a special Crust Fund Pizza order.

UDSA Cafeteria Pizza recipes (1980s)

These are screenshots of the old 1980s USDA school cafeteria pizza recipes. If you want to cook from them, you’ll need to scale them down appropriately. (This is a case for… Baker’s Percentages!)

It’s Pizza Night at Wells Brothers Restaurant in Racine, Wisconsin

Wells Brothers Restaurant came highly recommended by Chicago pizza aficionado Brian Erst, whose pizza judgment I trust implicitly. When he posted about it on his Instagram in October 2021, I took note. He said, “Let the record show that Wells Brothers has the best tavern thin crust—full stop.” That’s saying something. I bookmarked it and … Read more

All You Need to Know About Di Fara, 2009

This post originally appeared in July 2009 on when it was part of Serious Eats. It was scrubbed from SE in 2021. I’ve salvaged what I could of this post from the Wayback Machine and present it here.