The Brooklyn Firefly pays homage to bygone Bay Ridge pizzeria Lento’s

The ‘Ghost of Lento’s’ pizza is nowhere near what a Lento’s pie was, but the Brooklyn Firefly is a worthy successor to the space that once housed the neighborhood legend.

Captured March 12, 2022.

A couple weeks ago @scottspizzatours posted a photo from The Brooklyn Firefly spotlighting a pizza called the “Lento’s Ghost,” so named because this spot took over the old Lento’s space in Bay Ridge a few years ago.

Lento’s has been closed since 2006, mind you, but back in the early 2000s it was name-checked among the best pizzerias in NYC, thanks to its unique, cheesy cracker-thin pie.

The first two years I lived in NYC I lived in Bay Ridge, just a few blocks away, and Lento’s was the pizza I’d treat myself to once a month, whenever my non-rent-allocated paycheck came in.

I’d put in an order for pick-up (whole pies only, no delivery), rent a video from this weird-ass video store on the way to Lento’s, grab my pie, and bring it home and house it while watching my movie.

After DMing with Scott about these Lento’s reminiscences, he suggested a meet-up to try the Lento’s Ghost.

It’s a good pie. It’s nowhere similar to what a Lento’s pie was, but it’s a pretty great pie on its own. The space, however, retains Lento’s details, with an updated vibe that brings a lot of new life to what I remembered as being sort of an “old man bar.”

It was great to revisit the scene, drive past my old apartment, and see some old haunts from 20+ years ago. I have a couple spots I need to revisit in the neighborhood, and when I do, I’ll check out more of Brooklyn Firefly’s pies.

The Brooklyn Firefly: 7003 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11209; 718-833-5000;; @thebrooklynfirefly

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