A Sicilian-style pizza with chopped basil on top.

Philomena’s fantastic red squares

Philomena’s is relatively new pizzeria in Sunnyside, Queens, having just celebrated its one-year anniversary. It’s run by Dave Acocella, an affable guy who was a longtime manager at now-defunct celebrity magnet Da Silvano before branching out into pizza-making at Paulie Gee’s and Sorbillo NYC. How good are Acocella’s chops? At Sorbillo, which is the NYC … Read more

Serhan Ayhan’s Detroit-style pop-up

Stick with me here. This is Detroit-style pizza from a pop-up in Queens at a place called Boston Pizza. Wait, it gets better. Popper-upper Serhan Ayhan’s family is originally from Turkey, and Boston Pizza ordinarily sells Greek-style pizza. If that’s not the most Queens thing there is when it comes to a pizza story, I … Read more

Where to eat pizza outdoors in NYC

I usually hate when publications peg their content to things that happen every year at a given time (Memorial Day grilling articles are the worst), but I was thinking about a couple recent trips to L&B Spumoni Gardens and what a magical place it is at dusk on a not-too-hot summer night. So, voilà, SUMMER JAMS, PIZZA EDITION!

The pesto slice at Dani’s House of Pizza, Kew Gardens, Queens

Dani’s House of Pizza is a Kew Gardens institution. You can always get a fresh slice there because the line is often out the door and slice-pie turnover is constant. Dani’s is known for its sweet sauce. They even have merch with the #sweetsauce hashtag all over it. So just be aware of that going … Read more

Beebe’s, new in LIC, is making some dreamy pizzas

Pizza whiz Lou Tomczak (formerly of Emmy Squared and before that a prep- and pizza-cook at Paulie Gee’s) is the mastermind behind these bubbly pies. He seems to have harnessed the gasses in the dough, distributing them evenly across the area of the pie to create a memorable crust. It’s like pizza wearing a bubble-wrap … Read more