The pesto slice at Dani’s House of Pizza, Kew Gardens, Queens

pesto pizza slice
Dani’s is a staple of the Kew Gardens dining scene.

Dani’s House of Pizza is a Kew Gardens institution. You can always get a fresh slice there because the line is often out the door and slice-pie turnover is constant.

Dani’s is known for its sweet sauce. They even have merch with the #sweetsauce hashtag all over it. So just be aware of that going in.

I’m not the biggest fan of sweet sauce, but I am a big fan of pesto, so this is the slice I usually get here.

Friends on Instagram tell me to try the best of both worlds and get the pesto with sauce on top. I haven’t yet. Maybe next time.

Until next post, folks, hasta la pizza.

Dani’s House of Pizza: 81-28 Lefferts Boulevard, Kew Gardens NY 11415; 718-846-2849