Nick’s Pizza finally brings an Adrienne’s-esque square pie to Forest Hills

Nick's Pizza grandma pizza
Nick’s Pizza’s grandma pie is a 12″ square proofed and cooked in a black, steel pan.

My wife must be thankful that a grandma pie has made its way onto the menu at Nick’s Pizza in Forest Hills. Since moving to the Queens neighborhood in 2015 and becoming a customer there along with my family, I’d always pondered aloud something to the tune of, “They share DNA with Adrienne’s Pizzabar—why not crib that recipe and serve a killer square pizza? They’d do bang-up business on that pie!”

A little more than a year ago Nick’s added this beauty to its repertoire, and I can finally retire this refrain and give my wife some peace during pizza nights out at the Ascan Avenue mainstay.

Last night was the first time I’ve had it, and it was fiiine. Not sure if it was quite as stunning as Adrienne’s, where Nick’s Pizza owner Nick Angelis is a partner, but this was an initial tasting. I’ll try more in the coming months and report back.

Slice pizza review:Nick’s Pizza, Forest Hills, Queens [April 2011]

On that note, now that I live walking distance from a destination-status pizzeria—Nick’s, founded in 1993, has graced best-of lists since before I even started Slice (back in 2003)—I find I’m not there quite as often as I would have predicted. It’s a great place, but we often make our pizza at home these days.

That said, and an aside here, it’s great to be at your kid’s friend’s birthday party and see them have Nick’s delivered as the party pizza. When you live in a neighborhood where Nick’s is your default delivery pie, life is good. (And I’m happy to report that Margot ate four whole slices of it at that party. I didn’t know whether to be proud or mortified at the thought that the hosts probably think we starve the poor kid 😂)

Until next post, folks, hasta la pizza. 😊🍕✌

Nick’s Pizza: 108-26 Ascan Avenue, Forest Hills NY 11375; 718-263-1126