You Can’t Not: pesto slice with sauce at Dani’s House of Pizza

Pesto slice with sauce: $4 ($3.50 for the underlying slice, 50¢ surcharge for the red stuff).

I’m ashamed to admit it, but this is the first time I’m trying Dani’s signature pesto slice with sauce ladled on top. It’s fantastic.

The King of Queens Food himself, Joe DiStefano hipped me to this move a loonnng time ago, but for various reasons (many having to do with the long lines at Dani’s), I’d never made the time to execute it.

The #sweetsauce (yes, that’s their hashtag) is a great foil for the salty crisp slice delivering it, and the fact that it’s on top of the cheese changes the way the flavor hits your taste buds.

I might ask for a half portion of sauce next time though. Not because of the dangerous potential of a shirt-staining spill (I miraculously avoided that fate) but because the sauce overwhelmed the pesto. I can’t help but wonder what this would taste like with just a squiggle of sauce from a squirt bottle.

Until next post, folks, hasta la pizza!

Dani’s House of Pizza: 81-28 Lefferts Boulevard, Kew Gardens NY 11415; 718-846-2849