UDSA Cafeteria Pizza recipes (1980s)

I saved these off the Internet Archive years ago after having DM’d with a blogger on Instagram whose name is now escaping me. She had a great blog post re-creating this pizza, with amazing photos that took me on a nostalgia trip straight back to the school cafeterias of my youth in the Kansas City suburbs.

They’re standardized USDA recipes, so they should be familiar to anyone of a certain age. I’m not transcribing them (yet), just presenting them here as a JPGs for posterity.

Note: The Internet Archive, and its Wayback Machine, are crucial pieces of Internet history and infrastructure. If you value the service it provides, join me in kicking in some funds: archive.org/donate. It’s under attack from the big US publishing houses.

USDA Pourable Pizza Crust Recipe

Pourable Pizza Crust 1
Pourable Pizza Crust 2

USDA Pizza Crust Recipe

Pizza Crust 1
Pizza Crust 2

USDA Pizza with Ground Beef Topping

Pizza with Ground Beef Topping 1
Pizza with Ground Beef Topping 2

USDA Pizza with Cheese Topping

Pizza with Cheese Topping 1
Pizza with Cheese Topping 2

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