A round-shaped uncooked pizza dough with a spiral of sauce on top. It's lying on a wood pizza peel.

The Simplest Pizza Sauce Ever

Neapolitan pizza-makers don’t even call this “sauce.” It’s just “tomato” on their menus, in their speech, their literature. And it’s easy to see why. There’s nothing more to this “recipe” than crushed tomatoes and salt.

Spoodles (aka Portion Control Ladles)

If you’re making pizzas at home with any regularity, you’re going to need a way to sauce your pies. You can certainly do this with a ladle or even a large spoon, but if you want to get a little deeper into the pizza-making rabbit hole, consider buying a spoodle or two. What is a … Read more

A quick visit to Toronto: Superpoint Pizza and Descendant

In November 2019 I took a quick trip to Toronto for work, to attend a weekend conference. Of course you know I had to try some pizza while there. At the top of my list was Descendant Pizza for its Detroit-style pies, but I also got a good rec for Superpoint