Gaby’s Pizza: a mainstay of Hollis, Queens

Gaby's Pizza pepperoni slice
A Gaby’s pepperoni slice is a substantial piece of pizza.

Shortly after we moved to Forest Hills, I mentioned on Instagram or Facebook wanting to explore pizza in eastern Queens. Monique “@eatinistbitch” Henry recommended Gaby’s in Hollis. I finally got Margot out there yesterday on a #PizzaAdventure.

Gaby’s is a true neighborhood institution, with photos of local luminaries (Run-DMC!) lining the walls and a steady stream of customers ordering slices to stay and picking up pies to go.

Gaby's Pizza
Gaby’s plain slices are supremely cheese-laden.

The slices at Gaby’s are thicker than the typical NY-style and much more cheesy. (I’d love to go back and get a whole pie—it’d make for a fantastic “cheese pull” pic.) Balance, though, remains in check, more or less, by a generous amount of sauce (which is a bit sweet). The thicker crust benefits from a long reheat, coming out super crisp.

I’m sorry it took me so long to get out to Gaby’s. I’ll have to make it there again sooner rather than later. And my next visit will definitely be for a whole pie. Until next post, folks, hasta la pizza. 😊🍕✌

Gaby’s Pizza:204-23 Hillside Avenue, Hollis NY 11423 (at Francis Lewis Boulevard); 718-740-9716;