Serhan Ayhan’s Detroit-style pop-up

Stick with me here. This is Detroit-style pizza from a pop-up in Queens at a place called Boston Pizza. Wait, it gets better. Popper-upper Serhan Ayhan’s family is originally from Turkey, and Boston Pizza ordinarily sells Greek-style pizza. If that’s not the most Queens thing there is when it comes to a pizza story, I … Read more

8 Pizzas That Haunt My Dreams 2017

Every year I compile a year-end list of memorable pizzas I’ve eaten in the past year. I’m coming in just under the wire, close to midnight here on December 31. As is always my caveat, these are all pizzas I ACTUALLY ATE AND THAT MADE AN IMPRESSION ON ME. so if your favorite isn’t here, … Read more

Pizza Lunch: Don Antonio by Starita

I haven’t been to Don Antonio by Starita in a few months and certainly not since I’ve been working at Paulie Gee’s. So when I had the chance to meet a longtime friend/former coworker there, I jumped at it like Evel Knievel jumps rope. I wanted to see if I had developed a keener palate or had more finely tuned my pizza sensors.

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Weekly Pizza Lunch: A couple pies with ‘JEL’ at Rubirosa

Where am I going with this? Well, I was going to say that even though I’m not writing on Slice much, one of the things that I truly value about the site is that it has allowed me to connect with pizza nerds from all over the country (and even the world). People like JEL.