You Can’t Not: Sofia Pizza Shoppe’s spinach dip slice

A few weeks ago I was at NY Pizza Suprema and saw they had a spinach dip slice—which made me crave the one at Sofia Pizza Shoppe. I’m sure the one at Suprema was fine, but this Sofia slice is my true spinach dip love.

I think this will mark the solidification of an idea I got a while back—a recurring rubric here on this blog called You Can’t Not. I’m not sure if I love that phrasing—it’s pretty internetty—but some food entity out there already took one of the best, most-obvious titles for a series like this, “The Move.” And the spinach dip slice at Sofia is indeed the move here. I mean, you can’t not order it.

By all accounts it probably should have made my 8 Pizzas That Haunt My Dreams 2018 list, but, confession, I wrote that list pretty quickly in the waning hours of New Year’s Eve just to get it done, and it turns out I omitted a few spots in my haste. In fact, it seems like half my posts of 2019 so far have been about amending the record.

Like I always say about this slice, it smacks of DRUNK-EATS GUT BOMB, but it’s anything but. It’s obviously more substantial than a plain slice (and comes with a matching $5.50 price tag) but isn’t heavy in the least. To me, it’s a perfect amount for lunch—enough that you could probably get by on this single slice alone, but you could also add a plain slice and not walk out in a food coma.(I actually tacked on a Sicilian and it was fantastic, but that’s a future post.)

Until next post, hasta la pizza.

Sofia Pizza Shoppe: 989 First Avenue, New York NY 10022; 212-888-8816