Upside Pizza is a promising new slice shop in Times Square

Upside Pizza is in an almost absolute pizza wasteland.

Make that, “former wasteland,” if they keep consistent with the quality of pizza I had today and last week.

This is another Anthony Falco–consulted shop, so thin and crispy is the MO. Upside is exceedingly thin and perfectly crisp. Not crunchy, not crackery. The plain slice here is $3. (I also had a mushroom slice, which was $4, but I wasn’t that taken with the white-wine lemon cream sauce on that one.)

Interestingly enough, Upside is backed by the two brothers behind dollar slice chain 2 Bros., who, having made some of NYC’s cheapest slices, “now want to make one of its best slices,” per this New York Times story.

As at other Falco-consulted pizza shops, the dough here is naturally leavened.

I’ve always said about Falco’s Rad Times Pizza project that if he and his partners (Angelo Womack and Pete litschi) made their ~12” pizzas full-size, they would be the NY-style pizza of my dreams. I think this comes close. Nice work from everyone involved here. 

Upside Pizza: 598 Eighth Avenue, New York NY 10018; 646-484-5244