Serhan Ayhan’s Detroit-style pop-up

Stick with me here. This is Detroit-style pizza from a pop-up in Queens at a place called Boston Pizza. Wait, it gets better. Popper-upper Serhan Ayhan’s family is originally from Turkey, and Boston Pizza ordinarily sells Greek-style pizza. If that’s not the most Queens thing there is when it comes to a pizza story, I … Read more

Where to eat pizza outdoors in NYC

I usually hate when publications peg their content to things that happen every year at a given time (Memorial Day grilling articles are the worst), but I was thinking about a couple recent trips to L&B Spumoni Gardens and what a magical place it is at dusk on a not-too-hot summer night. So, voilà, SUMMER JAMS, PIZZA EDITION!

Rizzo’s: Fine pizza in Astoria and on the LES

Rizzo’s Fine Pizza serves what it calls a “thin-crust Sicilian.” Sometimes it seems closer to a grandma-style pizza, but I’m not going to quibble. Bottom line is it’s a unique and delicious slice.

Weekly Pizza Lunch: Rose & Joe’s Italian Bakery

I’ve probably eaten slices from Rose & Joe’s more than from anywhere else, and I can say from considerable experience that an edge (but not a corner), on a plate, no reheat is the way to go. It loses something in the reheat, and in fact is best somewhere between warm and not-straight-out-of-the-oven hot. I … Read more

#weeklypizzalunch: The Nonna at Tufino in Astoria

Tufino is one of the few places in NYC making naturally leavened wood-fired pizza. I love Tufino, but I’m also a bit jealous. For years I’ve been saying that Astoria could use a good wood-oven joint. I’d even secretly thought of opening one myself. But, well, look what happens when you don’t act on your … Read more

Weekly Pizza Lunch: Thin-crust mushroom pie at Ditmars Station

This was sort of a bonus WPL pi. I’d already eaten my WPL but ended up trying Ditmars Station with my friend Justin on Saturday while I was doing laundry. The crust really is ultra thin. Most people think that New York–style pizza is “thin crust.” And, yes, it is thin, but I find that … Read more