NY Pizza Suprema is the move when you need a slice near MSG

Slice of plain pizza from NY Pizza Suprema in NYC
NY Pizza Suprema plain slice.

If you’re near Madison Square Garden, you can’t do wrong by grabbing a plain slice at NY Pizza Suprema. I hadn’t been in ages and was somewhat nearby at my accountant’s up the avenue. This slice was my second choice for lunch, though. I was originally planning to hit up the White Castle on Eighth Avenue & 37th Street, but it’s since closed. Probably just as well—it was one of the nastier Whiteys I’ve ever seen. It was a block down from my accountant and was an annual tradition—do taxes, bomb mah belly ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ That said, NY Pizza Suprema is one of the finest slices in the city, so I walked the extra blocks and revisited. If you haven’t been, do yourself a favor and check it out. The plain slice and upside down slice are what you wanna get. Hasta la pizza! 😊🍕✌

NY Pizza Suprema:413 Eighth Avenue, New York NY 10001; 212-594-8939