More Roman pizza at Mani In Pasta

A Margherita slice, which is a downright bargain at $2.75.

Another fine Roman-style pizza from late last year. I’m slowly working through a backlog of photos on my phone. Shortly after I visited PQR, I went to Mani in Pasta.

The meatball slice, also a bargain at $3.25.

They both opened around the same time, around spring of 2018. It took me a while to visit, because of my aforementioned lukewarm feelings about Roman-style pizza al taglio, and also because they’re a little outside my free-roaming range for lunch. Blah blah blah.

I’m sorry I waited so long. Mani in Pasta also makes an impressive slice—these here a lot more cheesy and oozy than PQR. Different but about as satisfying.

I visited the Mani in Pasta on 14th Street, which is more of a sit-down, table-service place than a quick grab-and-go slice operation. (There’s also one in Midtown, whose service model I can’t comment on.)

Like PQR, Mani in Pasta probably should have made my #8PizzasThatHauntMyDreams list for 2018. I regret not highlighting it there.

Pictured here: a Margherita slice ($2.75) and a meatball slice ($3.25). I will note that this pricing is a bargain—then again, since it’s table-service, you’ll have to factor in a tip. I’m not sure I love the board as serving platter, but I’ve seen worse.

Mani in Pasta: multiple locations, see website