More Breville Pizzaiolo pies

I’ve been using the Breville more now that I feel I’ve gotten the hang of it. I’m still trying to figure out the optimal deck and chamber settings, but I’ve improved a ton since the first couple of pies out of it. Above is a Di Fara–inspired pie, with a generous amount of basil scissored on post-bake.

This is maybe a little too blistered for my taste. Somewhere between a Neapolitan and coal-oven-like pizza. This was the first pizza of a session, after the stone and chamber had preheated at max temp. You really have to watch the pizzas when you’re on full blast or they can burn.

I don’t have much to say about this one. It’s a sausage and green pepper pie.

Overall I still enjoy the Pizzaiolo. We were keeping it on our countertop—or I should say I was keeping it on our countertop—until my wife said it was taking up too much space. It’s a little wider than a large microwave oven and is pretty deep, so you can’t slide it to the back of the counter when you’re done.

So I cleared out all the space in our largest under-cabinet drawer, which had until then been our cleaning-supply drawer, and began storing the oven there. It fits nicely, but it’s now more of a pain to fire up at a moment’s notice and I haven’t been using it as much and have therefore been on a Sicilian pizza kick, which I cook in our standard-issue oven atop a Baking Steel Griddle. (Recipe here.)