So I taught a private pizzamaking-at-home class

Last Friday I taught a one-off home-pizzamaking workshop for a group of five—a dad, his two sons, their uncle/The Dad’s brother, and a friend of the family. Here are two pizzas I had a chance to snap pictures of. The plain pie is a Di Fara–inspired pizza with a blend of regular “low-moisture” mozzarella and … Read more

Happy Valentine’s Day

For the past couple of years for Valentine’s Day, my daughter, Margot, and I have been making heart-shaped pizzas. This year, I went nuts and absolutely loaded it with pepperoni, added jalapeños (for extra heat), and Mike’s Hot Honey for even more heat—and a little sweetness. Hasta la pizza!

Detroit-style pizza, 75% hydration, all-purpose flour

After my previous attempt at 60% hydration Detroit-style pizza, I did some grousing about the result on Facebook. Dmcavanagh and Norma saw my complaining and gave me some advice. First, that this style really does have to be made at a higher hydration, and, second, that all-purpose flour works best. You want a lower protein count for a softer crust that she says, “almost melts in your mouth.” Anyway, tonight? SUCCESS!

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Detroit-style pizza, 60% hydration

I made this pizza tonight largely as an excuse to keep seasoning my Detroit-style pans. Also, I wanted to try a more faithful rendition of the genre.

This is a 60% hydration dough. The pans’ instructions say to use a relatively dry dough for the first couple of pizzas, as anything above 65% will have a tendency to stick.

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Experimenting with chile-infused honey

I’m trying to perfect my recipe for chile-infused honey before posting it on Slice. Credit where due: It is 100% inspired by Mike’s Hot Honey, which is available online or from the bar at Paulie Gee’s. I’m playing with the spice levels. The honey on its own is pretty damn hot. But on a recent … Read more