So I taught a private pizzamaking-at-home class

Last Friday I taught a one-off home-pizzamaking workshop for a group of five—a dad, his two sons, their uncle/The Dad’s brother, and a friend of the family. Here are two pizzas I had a chance to snap pictures of. The plain pie is a Di Fara–inspired pizza with a blend of regular “low-moisture” mozzarella and … Read more

Happy Valentine’s Day

For the past couple of years for Valentine’s Day, my daughter, Margot, and I have been making heart-shaped pizzas. This year, I went nuts and absolutely loaded it with pepperoni, added jalapeños (for extra heat), and Mike’s Hot Honey for even more heat—and a little sweetness. Hasta la pizza!

Detroit-style pizza, 75% hydration, all-purpose flour

After my previous attempt at 60% hydration Detroit-style pizza, I did some grousing about the result on Facebook. Dmcavanagh and Norma saw my complaining and gave me some advice. First, that this style really does have to be made at a higher hydration, and, second, that all-purpose flour works best. You want a lower protein count for a softer crust that she says, “almost melts in your mouth.” Anyway, tonight? SUCCESS!

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Detroit-style pizza, 60% hydration

I made this pizza tonight largely as an excuse to keep seasoning my Detroit-style pans. Also, I wanted to try a more faithful rendition of the genre.

This is a 60% hydration dough. The pans’ instructions say to use a relatively dry dough for the first couple of pizzas, as anything above 65% will have a tendency to stick.

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