Corner Slice: fantastic grandma pizza

pizza slices
A plain and pepperoni slice from Corner Slice in Gotham West Market.

I first visited Corner Slice in June 2017 but hadn’t been back in ages. Corner Slice is the pizza stand at Gotham West Market over on the West Side of Manhattan at 46th Street. If you don’t live or work near it, it’s kind of out of the way, but it’s worth the trek.

But recently my employer hooked us up with annual Citi Bike memberships, which puts this food hall within a 12-minute striking distance from my desk (4 minutes to get to a bike and unlock it and 8 minutes to ride).

Corner Slice Hole Structure
Slices here are crisp and study yet light, bubbly, airy.

Corner Slice is making a grandma-style pizza using Central Milling flour (a Utah-based artisanal mill whose flours are considered among the best by many bakers and pizza-makers). They do long fermentations at about 80% hydration, parbaking the crusts to yield a crunchy-chewy texture. The crust flavor is excellent, and the crispness is on point. I love the bubbly crust.

Corner Slice Sausage Pizza
Corner Slice makes grandma slices. Here, topped with sausage.

I went again recently to meet chef Matt Hyland and talk about restarting the Margot’s pop-ups(!) and had the sausage slice. Great stuff. I love that Citi Bike has opened this spot as a viable option for lunch again.

Until next post, folks, hasta la pizza 😊🍕✌

Corner Slice:600 Eleventh Avenue, New York NY 10036 (at 45th Street inside Gotham West Market); 212-956-9339;