Weekly Pizza Lunch: Adrienne’s Pizza Bar

Adrienne’s Pizza Bar — or is it Pizzabar? I don’t know. Regardless, it’s making one of the best grandma/nonna pizzas in NYC today. Of course at Adrienne’s, they call it the “old fashioned.” Whatever. All you need to call it is DELICIOUS.

I don’t get to Adrienne’s often enough, because it’s a bit much to do on my lunch break, but the last couple times have been with visiting pizza-makers from other cities (Ken Forkish today and Lee Hunzinger a little more than a year ago).

That should give you a sense of how much esteem I hold for it. When I bring pro pizza-makers to a place, I think the pizza has to represent NYC — and has stand up to the judgment of people who do pizza for a living. I don’t think Adrienne’s has ever let me down in these regards — at least that I know of.

Easily in my pantheon of great New York pizza. And that’s even before you consider its amazing location on Stone Street, which, as NYC’s oldest paved street, makes you feel like you’re in 19th-century London. Blah blah blah.

Adrienne’s Pizza Bar:54 Stone Street, New York NY 10004; 212-248-3838; adriennespizzabarnyc.com