A Sicilian-style pizza with chopped basil on top.

Philomena’s fantastic red squares

Philomena’s is relatively new pizzeria in Sunnyside, Queens, having just celebrated its one-year anniversary. It’s run by Dave Acocella, an affable guy who was a longtime manager at now-defunct celebrity magnet Da Silvano before branching out into pizza-making at Paulie Gee’s and Sorbillo NYC. How good are Acocella’s chops? At Sorbillo, which is the NYC … Read more

Rizzo’s: Fine pizza in Astoria and on the LES

Rizzo’s Fine Pizza serves what it calls a “thin-crust Sicilian.” Sometimes it seems closer to a grandma-style pizza, but I’m not going to quibble. Bottom line is it’s a unique and delicious slice.

Prince Street Pizza’s ‘Original Prince’ slice

I met up today at Prince Street Pizza with St. Louis pizzaman Scott Sandler, the owner of the Gateway City’s Pizzeoli and the upcoming Pizza Head. We were joined by Pizza a Casa‘s Mark Bello and Nick Pencis of Stanley’s Famous BBQ in Tyler, Texas. I’m kinda bummed Prince Street removed its tall two-top tables, … Read more