All You Need to Know About Di Fara, 2009

This post originally appeared in July 2009 on when it was part of Serious Eats. It was scrubbed from SE in 2021. I’ve salvaged what I could of this post from the Wayback Machine and present it here.

A round, NY-style pizza on a table

New York–style pizza recipe

A good New York–style pizza should be thin and crisp yet chewy and flexible. The cheese flavorful and oozy, not rubbery. The sauce can be as simple as crushed tomatoes with salt or a more herby blend. And it’s entirely possible to make at home. Here’s a quick recipe.

Pizza dough in plastic containers

New York pizza dough recipe

This is the recipe for NY-style pizza dough that I hand out when I do in-home pizzamaking workshops.

‘New York Blend’ mozzarella recipe

TL;DR: This is basically a 1:1 blend of low-moisture whole-milk mozzarella and low-moisture part-skim mozz. Saved you a click—unless you want a little more background info…

A can of Sclafani brand crushed tomatoes, with two large red tomatoes on the label and the words "Sclafani Crushed Tomatoes" surrouding them.

Super Simple 5-Minute Seasoned Pizza Sauce

This pizza sauce is good for throwback “pizza parlor” pizzas of all sorts. With dried oregano and basil and a pinch of garlic powder, it has that old-school “red sauce” flavor profile.

A round-shaped uncooked pizza dough with a spiral of sauce on top. It's lying on a wood pizza peel.

The Simplest Pizza Sauce Ever

Neapolitan pizza-makers don’t even call this “sauce.” It’s just “tomato” on their menus, in their speech, their literature. And it’s easy to see why. There’s nothing more to this “recipe” than crushed tomatoes and salt.