PQR is a Roman pizza I can get behind

I’ve never been super into Roman-style pizza al taglio. I don’t know why. Well, mostly it’s that it always seems so pricey with respect to what you get. As a pizza lover and friend of many a pizzeria operator, I realize that’s a lousy attitude to have. I know what good-quality ingredients cost and the labor and time that go into it. So, maybe from here on out, a little more appreciation is due.

PQR’s white mushroom slice, $6.50.

With a place like PQR, appreciation is easy. The last time I was in there, toward the end of 2018, I was impressed. So much so that I’m sorry we didn’t include it on the Serious Eats “State of the Slice 2018” article I worked on with Ed Levine (SE founder) and NYC pizza tour guide and slice scholar Scott Wiener.

The crumb shot. Open, airy, springy, and light.

The crust here is fantastic. Crisp, tender, springy. I love the well-done, browned cheese on this mushroom slice ($6.50).

By all rights I also should have included this in my #8PizzasThatHauntMyDreams list for 2018, but I base that largely on going through old IG posts as a memory aid/trigger, and this is the first appearance PQR is making in my feed. Sorry!!

Looking forward to more PQR in 2019. 

PQR: 1631 Second Avenue, New York NY 10028; 646-449-0889