Patsy’s East Harlem is arguably the best by-the-slice deal in NYC

Patsy’s in East Harlem, which is the original Patsy’s and the best Patsy’s IMO (it has different owners and a completely different pizza than the mini-chain Patsy’s), is still somehow, unbelievably, priced at less than two bucks a slice.

Have you heard about the Pizza Principle? It’s a long-held observation that NYC slice prices and single-fare subway rides track pretty closely with each other. Until recently it’s pretty much held up. Current subway single-ride fares are $2.75, though, and the average slice price is now hovering at $3. By contrast, Patsy’s East Harlem’s price corresponds somewhere in the range of 1995–2003 ($1.50) and/or 2003–2009 ($2).

This may be the greatest deal in NYC by-the-slice pizza history.

Where else are you going to find a world-class, historically significant slice for that price?

And the whole pies are a bargain, too: $11 for a large plain, with most additional toppings $3 each per pie. (Note: On the sit-down side, whole pies cost $13 each.)

Patsy’s East Harlem: 2287 First Avenue, New York NY 10035; 212-534-9783